Free NFL Picks For Today 11/28/2022


Steelers at Colts—Pittsburgh starters on offense healthy. A corner on defense is out. Indianapolis has a tight end questionable. On defense, both defensive ends a tackle are questionable. Pittsburgh fell to 3-7 after their 37-30 home defeat to Cincinnati. Steelers gained 351 yards with 102 rushing on 24 carries. On defense, they allowed under three yards per run to the Bengals with 346 passing on 39 attempts. Kenny Pickett completed 59.5% with 6.3 yards per attempt. He passed for 265 yards and a touchdown. On the year, Pickett a 65.4% completion rate with 6 yards per attempt. The rookie has thrown for three touchdowns and eight interceptions. Indianapolis fell to 4-6-1 after their 17-16 home defeat to Philadelphia Eagles. Colts posted 284 yards with 99 rushing on 26 carries. On defense, they allowed over 4.5 yards per rush to the Eagles with 173 passing on 25 attempts. Matt Ryan completed 71.9% with 6.7 yards per attempt. He passed for 213 yards. Season wide, Ryan a 69.2% completion rate with 6.8 yards per pass attempt. Past three games Colts averaging only 273 yards and 4.9 yards per pass attempt. Steelers strong defending the run in this period at 3.4 per attempt. Colts pass protection an issue against a Pittsburgh team that can bring pressure. Past three games, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh are giving up 4.7 sacks per game. Ryan is not a mobile quarterback and Pickett is turnover prone. Play Pittsburgh and Indianapolis under 39.5. In this blog post, we'll tell you everything you need to know about How to watch Mosconi Cup 2022 live stream