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I went to the University of Alabama for too many degrees that I may never be able to pay off. Retired lawya’, USMC veteran, active shitposter. I own a retail Kratom store in Memphis, and have a side hustle using all that math from my PhD to run a college football handicapping service.

Greg Byrne: Enough excuses. It’s time to earn your salary and get Alabama Basketball a new arena

Our yearly plea to the Alabama administration has only grown more desperate. It’s time for them to listen.

Jumbo Package: Steve Sarkisian can keep his filthy mitts off our Wide Receivers Coach

Now he’s after the last member of the offensive staff he didn’t poach the first go-around.

2022 Blog Poll Season Finale: For 2023, the rest of the Top 10 is more interesting than who’s No. 1

Number 1, you know. But it’s who’s lurking around the rest of the Top 10 that will likely shape 2023

Ball and Oats: Alabama Basketball up to No. 4 in AP Poll — and may be underrated

That’s right, basketball is ranked ahead of football. And it’s not a fluke.

WATCH: SEC Shorts: Hope is back for another visit to Athens...

But the Bulldogs don’t need hope; they’ve got injured opponents.

Jumbo Package: Incoming Alabama Pass-Rushers Dominate All-American Bowl

Keon Keeley, Yhonzae Pierre make immediate impact

Giving Away Money 2022: Peach Bowl — The Buckeyes have no business being on the same field as the ‘Dawgs

This ain’t Rutgers, Buckeyes

Giving Away Money 2022: Orange Bowl — Praying for a well-timed meteor strike

So much orange; so many hillbillies

Giving Away Money 2022: The December 29th game of the day is...

Sticking it to your man since 2013

Giving Away Money 2022: The December 28th game of the day is...

Sticking it to your man since 2013